Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What is a corporate Web image and why is it so important?

The World Wide Web in the modern era is undoubtedly an integral part of our daily routine, both from a personal and a business perspective. For this very reason, a corporate Web image is a key tool for building exposure to reach potential target audiences and to create a professional image, which constitutes an inseparable part of an effective business plan of any company that prides itself on attaining maximum market exposure.

A bit about using the Web
The Web is an inseparable part of the technological revolution that has unfolded over the past decade, and is still unfolding, to this very day, throughout the globe, and mainly in Western countries. Internet usage has been steadily on the increase across the globe, when at the beginning of 2009, the number of Web surfers throughout the globe exceeded one billion. China currently leads in the number of Web surfers. Obviously, the United States ranks second, followed by, in descending order – Japan, Germany and Britain. In recent years, the Web has also entered into relatively new horizons, and has become a part of the daily routine of the local population, even in Arab countries. Internet surfers in all corners of the earth use the Web to cover a very wide range of objectives. Hence, the familiar adage “if you’re not online, you don’t exist”, is very appropriate in this case.

What is a corporate website?
People tend to compare the corporate website to a display window – one that showcases the company to surfers. Just like a display window, the corporate website image must spark a real interest in the company among surfers, encourage them to deepen their acquaintance with the company and its services, and ultimately, to drive a marketing process that will eventually lead to a sale. The corporate website actually describes the company – its activity, products, services, maturity, customers, and any other important information that the company defined as their objective. As such, the corporate website is of tremendous strategic value, and is also crucial in terms of exposure to potential to target audiences. This is why a corporate website has to be professional from all aspects, from the website structure to its design, as well as in maintaining proper content.
Another important aspect related to corporate websites is their uniqueness. Like the image of a display window, the Web is like a virtual shopping mall of huge proportions, which vies for the surfer’s attention, and indirectly competes to keep sales afloat. This is where the website uniqueness comes in, and one of the corporate website objectives’ is to highlight the company’s benefits and advantages compared to its competitors.

Corporate website – what is it comprised of?
Most corporate websites currently contain several standard pages: a Homepage, About the company, Services, or a Catalog of Products, and a Contact Us form. The number of pages on a corporate website is unlimited, and you can always add important information as the need arises. A list of customers, professional articles, a gallery of photos and a corporate movie are today’s standard options. However, it is very important to avoid information overload which makes a website look unprofessional. Additionally, as advised previously, it is very important that a Contact Us form also appear on the website. This form is a basic interactive tool that serves both the company and the surfer to make initial contact.
In conclusion, corporate websites are currently a first rate marketing tool; there are many companies that specialize in building professional corporate websites, including “Daat”. Over the years, Daat has accumulated a wealth of experience in setting up corporate websites with clear marketing objectives – from the initial creation of a work plan through selecting the appropriate platform, to defining and designing the most suitable look and feel.