Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Voice Behind Daat-Why wait for vacation? A break, here and now.

The "summer vacation" of my childhood now replaces a "week off" that one day I will decide to take, and they always seemed to me to be a time when I will carry out all of my plans, since there is nothing like vacation in which I am “liberated” from every burden, timelines and commitments, in order to do all of the things that require free-time, which I until now I have not really been able to do.
Is that so?
When I think about vacation, I think about quality time with myself, time to dream, to relax, to be free of harassment. I dream of being with my kids, without emails and phone calls, without concern for order and cleanliness and other hassles that are always squeaking in my head.
This is the 11th year of the summer vacation period that is the busiest time in my work. This year, when I started to think about plans for vacation and check the calendar, I discovered that there simply isn’t opportunity to carry out even 10% of it. Looking back, I have never been able to carry out more than a small part of all the plans I had planned.
A month ago I went to a meeting at an unfamiliar address in Tel Aviv. When the taxi stopped, I found myself in front of the promenade. I remembered my unrealized plan for years, sitting in front of the sea during a sunset with a cold drink, and decided that at the end of my meeting, I'll take a vacation for 15 minutes in front of the sea. Two hours later, I set a timer for 15 minutes and started to relax with a bottle of soft drink in one hand, a work portfolio well hidden under a chair. I cleared my head from every thought, I concentrated on the breeze, the warm sun, the smell of salt and nothing else.
20 minutes later, I sat in the taxi on the way back to the Daat office, and realized I was on the way to change. I realized that the secret is doing, not to wait, not for summer vacation and not for a short vacation. To combine the moments of vacation with life itself. To set aside a few hours from time to time and to invest them in myself and in my family. To decide on a vacation day that would be convenient to be taken advantage of on that same day: whether with activity or rest and relaxation. To live the vacation and not to wait for it.
In other words, in order to feel the vacation, we don’t necessarily need an actual vacation.

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