Sunday, June 6, 2010

Apple Launching iAd Mobile Advertising for iOS4

News got underway that Apple will launch its iAd mobile advertising program beginning on July 1 on iPod touch and iPhone devices running the new iOS4. Apple's CEO, Steve Jobs, said that the iAds will reach out to millions of customers which is a highly desirable demographic for advertisers. He demonstrated an iAd campaign still in-development to promote Nissan's new electric car. The iAd launches a video that then goes into a simple navigation selector, which presents the ability to register for more information including a sweepstakes to win a new car.

The new iOS 4 incorporates support for the new iAd program, which will facilitate add support for the iAd banner for developers. The main feature of iAd is a launched HTML5 environment for developers upon clicking a banner. When the ad closes users resort back to the most recently used application instead of returning to an an external website. The intent is more effective and interesting advertising for developers. Instead of focusing on earning ad revenues, Apple plans to use iAd as a program to give incentive to application development.

The iAd banners and web-based advertisements are produced wth Apple's new iAd JS, a JavaScript library which is a feature of iOS 4. It's designed to allow ad designers to produce quality media assets within a self contained website. The iOS4 present iAd bundles saved as part of a developer's application or can load them from Apple's servers. This presents users with a branding environment that advertisers would like to attract user interaction, rather than exposing users to flashy, intrusive ads.

At Daat, we are now developing iPhone & smartphone applications with a host of different technologies, including Objective-C. Unlike other devices, smartphones use a combination of old and new technology. It’s important to know when to develop an application or a mini-html site, and also when to combine them. With assistance from Realcommerce, a certified-developer of Apple products, Daat is able to specialize in the specific requirements necessary for the development of applications on these new devices.

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