Sunday, June 13, 2010

Apple Gives 'OK' to Begin Developing iPhone Applications for iOS4

Earlier this month, iPhone developers around the world received an exciting piece news -- an 'OK' from Apple to submit applications for the iOS4. Apple began sending notifications that several new downloads were available from the iPhone Dev Center on the company’s website. One of them is the iOS 4 GM seed, a pre-release version of Apple’s next-gen operating system, which is to be installed and used with the purpose of developing applications for iOS4.

At the iPhone Development Center as well as under the New Announcements section on Apple's website, there was an announcement for developers to log into iTunes Connect and submit an iOS4 application so that it would be ready for sale when the iOS 4 application is available to iPhone and iPhone Touch customers. Apple indicated to developers to make sure that they built and tested their appications using iOS 4 and iPhone SDK 4 Golden Master seed available from the iPhone Development Center. Programmers with outdated development software and iPhone OS 4 betas can download updated software.

In addition to the aforementioned downloads, downloads such as the iAd JS and iTunes 9.2, which adds the ability to sync with iPhone 4, organize and sync PDF documents as books, read PDFs with iBooks 1.1 on iPad and any iPhone or iPod touch with iPhone OS 4, organize apps on iPhone OS 4 home screens into folders using iTunes, and more will also be available.

Daat Solutions is now developing iPhone & smartphone applications with a combination of different technologies, including Objective-C. Unlike other types of devices, smartphones use a combination of old and new technology. It’s important to know when to develop an application or a mini-html site, and also when to combine them. With additional assistance from Realcommerce, a certified-developer of Apple products, Daat is able to specialize in the specific requirements necessary for the development of applications on these new devices.

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