Monday, April 12, 2010

A Rise in Outsourcing & Freelance

With companies cutting costs left and right, outsourcing is on the rise and it is predicted to continue to rise. The rise includes both local outsourcing and offshoring. There have been many contributing factors to push companies towards this direction, but the most important one is the lower price tag. But it isn’t just the companies that have moved towards outsourcing. Many former in-house employees have chosen to freelance their services to companies rather than search for jobs in companies that have stopped hiring new employees.

The Advantages & Disadvantages for Freelancing

Freelance work is the only option for many people these days and it offers both advantages and disadvantages to the freelancers. Freelancing your work can provide you with a steady income. If you are skilled at what you do, chances are that your work will be in demand and you’ll be able to set your own prices based on your own skill. If you are good at what you do, you can pick and choose projects and work the hours that you want to.

On the other hand, if you are one among many skilled workers, you might find it difficult to maintain a steady income. You won’t be able to control your hours and decide when you will and will not work, because you’ll be too focused on being self-sufficient. And you won’t be able to be picky with your projects and companies that you work with, which might force you to do work that you have no interest in.

Working in an Outsourcing Firm

If you are worried about not having set hours or constant money flowing in, there’s always the option of working for an outsourcing firm. Outsourcing firms consist of an entire firm that provides outsourcing services. They hire people for both freelance and in-house work. Outsourcing firms offer services in almost every field, whether it be: Human Resources, Security, Consulting, Accounting, Writing, Computer Programming, Web Development, QA, Technical Support, and the list goes on.

Many companies would rather hire outsourcing firms which guarantee quality services for multiple tasks that the company wants completed, and all for a reasonable price. But that doesn't mean that individual freelancers aren't ready and willing to offer their services as well. In fact, it's possible to be part of an outsourcing firm and freelance on the side. As long as it isn't restricted in your contract, your options are wide open.


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