Monday, March 15, 2010

Customizing Offshore Services for the clients

The benefits of offshore services don't just end with a smaller price tag, in fact that's just an added bonus to the services being rendered. To help you understand, let me tell you a little bit about the offshore services we offer at Daat. At Daat, we understand the importance of providing quality offshore outsourcing services for our customers in a convenient, timely, and cost-effective manner.

Communication is the key to satisfying our customers. By understanding your specific needs whether they may be web development from the ground up, QA, or technical support, we can cater our services to fit your needs.

Web Development

Part of what makes Daat unique is that we don't have one standard form of operation. Depending on your needs, you can outsource all or part of your web development to our team of skilled developers. If you want to you can continue to use a team of your own that will work together with our team, which is why communication is of the utmost importance. In order to work together we use email, online chat, and we conduct weekly meetings in person or via online platforms, VoIP, and/or video conferences depending on your company's location. Each project has a project manager, a team leader, and skilled personnel on board working together, first by analyzing the requirements of the development project including determining the amount of time the project will take, the procedures involved such as system analysis and graphic design (again depending on what your company is looking for), and following up to make certain that all of the client's demands are met. Because Daat is not restrained by one specific type of software or technology, we are able to work with any kind of technology that our customers are used to and comfortable with. This is what allows us to be so flexible with our services; allowing us to create your website from the ground up or to make simple alterations if you're just looking for new content or a new design to refresh your website's look.


Everything that applies to the way in which we run our web development is applicable to our QA. We provide maintenance for your websites so that you don't have to worry about bugs that will create an inefficient production environment. We use a variety of online bug trackers and we don't just track the problems (bugs) with your site. Our team of QA specialists analyzes the bug so that they understand why it came to your site, how it affects your site, how to get rid of it, and how to make sure that it doesn't come back. By analyzing the life cycle of the bug, Daat provides you with the most efficient Quality Assurance for your company. Our services begin with development and are continued with QA, in order to maintain a stable and efficient production environment.

Technical Support

After carefully considering a variety of communication tools, Daat chose LivePerson as the most efficient resource for providing technical support. With LivePerson our tech support team of Native English speakers can communicate with your company's customers through live chat, email management, click-to-call services (live calls), and a system of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).If your company wants Daat to use a different method of communication, we are very willing to utilize your communication devices for the technical support we provide to your customers.

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