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The Voice Behind Daat

The Voice Behind Daat

After readers contacted me and asked me to write something a bit more personal, I couldn't help but oblige. I've decided to publish a monthly blog with my personal opinions under the title, "The Opinion of Daat." As always feel free to contact me with questions or requests through the

From the very beginning: The idea behind Daat

Despite the fact that ultra-Orthodox women are now a significant portion of the workforce in the country, these women are still left with limited options for work. Even today, most training seminars for religious women focus mostly on teaching kindergarten, and they only grant diplomas for teaching in Orthodox institutions. This is why over the years ultra-Orthodox women have sought after teaching positions in Orthodox institutions, and since most of these women are mothers, they must find a profession that is suitable for them as mothers. But when there were no more positions in this field, religious women had to turn to other fields that would work with their religious way of life, positions in which professional training wasn't necessary. Striving for professional development and excellence were not priorities in the lives of ultra-Orthodox women.

Nevertheless, there was still a shortage of jobs for religious women. Due to this stressful situation, many seminars began offering more courses for women including Bachelors' Degrees in Computer Science and Software Engineering, similar to the academic courses of various leading universities in Israel, such as the Technion. Yet, even with enhanced educational and professional knowledge, many ultra-Orthodox women who aspire to find professional success still face a major difficulty that prevents them from entering into positions in the fields that they studied. These women do not have suitable environments to work in, ones that will respect their religious beliefs and their way of life.

No matter how you look at the situation, Orthodox women still need a working environment that matches their lifestyle, their faith- a place which isn't open on Saturday and a predominantly female working space with complete separation from men. Because most Orthodox women are mothers with large families, they need flexible working hours that respect the Jewish holidays, which begin on evenings, in addition to fasting days. All of these aspects are part of a suitable environment.

At Daat, you can find this environment and something special with the intellectual abilities of each employee. Daat is an environment that offers the possibility for women to develop professionally and realize their personal potential.

My personal story is a little different from most ultra-Orthodox Israeli women. I received my professional and technological education in the U.S. I had to learn to adapt and fit into a competitive secular male-driven society. So it is easier for me to now fit into the Hi-Tech world. But I can't help but notice the difficulties that my friends around me face. They are intelligent and educated but they still can't find their place in the work force due to the lack of an appropriate working environment.

These women are extremely talented and we have been able to harness their potential by creating jobs in an ambitious, technological work environment that is appropriate for mothers. Still with all of the challenges that we face, Daat will continue to excel in creating the highest quality of services for our clients.

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