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It might not be the easiest thing to find an existing University-accredited course preparing you in every subject matter of SEO, but that doesn't mean that there aren't other options. If you are self-disciplined enough, why not attempt an online SEO training course?
Online courses fit around your busy schedule, they are more cost-effective, and you never have to leave the comfort of your home.
Of course, there is always a downside and for online courses it's obvious. There is not enough student-teacher interaction or clarification. You miss out on the classroom setting, the teacher with office hours, who answers every question that pops into your head.

Here are some Online Training Courses for SEO

SEMPO Institute

The SEMPO Institute offers online courses for beginners and experts in the field of Search Marketing. The SEMPO organization originally began offering courses when it saw a greater need for educational opportunities for SEMPO's members. Courses are offered for members and non-members, however it is much more cost-effective for a member to take a course, with discounts up to 30 percent. SEMPO currently offers the following courses: Insiders Guide to Search Marketing, Effective Search Marketing (with specialties in Key Words & Copywriting, or Linking & Brand Management, or Social Media), and Advanced SEO. Prices range from $299-$1399.

Search Engine College

Search Engine College offers a variety of courses, both individual courses, specific classes in Keywords, links, copy writing, as well as offering packages that include certification. Their packages are called "Certificated Pathways and can cost from $695 with their Certified PPC Marketer Pathway and their Certified SEO Pathway, to $1,195 with their Certified Search Engine Marketer Pathway that includes SEO and PPC training. If you go to their website you can see a demo of a course and see the structure of their online classes.

Online Web Training from Search Engine Workshops

Similar to the two options already listed, Search Engine Workshops offers a Beginner SEO Course for $149 and an Advanced SEO Course for $179. If you pay an additional $100, for each course they offer extended help for 32 weeks from an instructor They also offer refresher courses at various locations all over the US or online.

GNC Web Creations

GNC Web Creations offers online course for free! You can access their courses through a variety of Yahoo Groups. After you sign up for a specific group, emails will be sent to you, teaching you about the basic principles of SEO. You can also purchase eBooks on SEO for a reasonable price there.

Computer Geek Books
Students are offered 12 lessons in SEO over a period of six weeks. The course runs from $249-$299, depending on when you start the course.

A Variety of Options

There is a wide variety of online SEO training courses with a wide price range. As with everything that affects your wallet, do a little more research on your own before you decided to take a SEO course and make sure that whatever you choose is suited for your needs.

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