Monday, January 4, 2010

Legitimizing SEO

As the internet becomes the main marketing arena for businesses, SEO and SEM are in high demand. That's great, but it's hard to work within a new system if you don't have any rules or standards for it.

Many people have started to worry about the lack of proper training for SEO and SEM writing. People wonder if there even are any legitimate online classes or accredited SEM courses. How can talented, intelligent people work in a field if they don't have the proper training for it?
How long does it take to create an accredited course?

After searching for an obscene amount of hours about the subject, I found that even though SEO and SEM are on the lips of every new business and college student, it is actually rather difficult for a university to establish an accredited course in these areas. The process of creating a new course can take from two to five years. First you need to come up with the idea of the course and then have it approved by various boards and deans, have it verified, checked, validated…and the list goes on.

Though we are dealing with a long and exhausting process, some universities have made a stab at it and have created course modules, not related to any specific degree, although part of internet marketing courses. As of yet, there are no SEM or SEO majors, but one can hope.

Offering SEM Courses with Continuing Education Programs.

Here are some Colleges in the US that have adopted some SEM courses, along with Internet Marketing. They are non-accredited courses, however it's a step in the right direction. If any of the courses are of interest to you, ask your local college with a Continuing Education Program and find out if they offer any of these types of courses. Keep in mind that prices vary.

Glasscock School of Continuing Studies at Rice University

This course was created for students with a wide variety of knowledge and experience in SEO. First students will learn the basics of how a search engine works, how to understand search engine results, how SEO works, and why it is important. Students will learn about how to increase traffic on the internet by editing websites and conversions.

UC Berkley Extension

This workshop is meant for a wide variety of people with knowledge and experience in marketing. The course teaches the basic principles of SEM. Students that take this course will be able to understand the basics of SEM in addition to being able to practice SEM in an economical manner for their own business

Rutgers Continuing Education : PPC or SEM

A greater demand for PPC Marketing specialists has created the need for a Pay Per Click Marketing (PPCM) online course. PPC marketing is a branch of SEM, in which businesses pay the host of the website every time a user clicks on their advertisement. These types of advertisements can be seen on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). If you are a skilled PPC marketer and can manage to get a job in the field, you have a huge amount of flexibility in regards to clients and individual jobs, in addition to a very nice salary. If you're an expert in the field, advertisers will pay a hefty sum to have their advertisements appear on popular search engines such as Yahoo, MSN, or Google.

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