Monday, January 18, 2010

Expanding your SEO knowledge through forums

Not everyone is willing to shell out the dollars for an SEO training course, and some people might just want to do some training on their own. If you think you have some SEO skills to begin with and just want some extra tips, you might as well look into SEO forums. Forums bring all potential topics on SEO to the table from trained-experts to beginners.

Not all forums are the same

Not all forums are the same. The most successful forms aren't about the most interesting topics being discussed, but the people who are discussing the topics. It's important to have an active online community of people reading, addressing topics, asking questions, having debates on the answers. And with SEO it's extremely important that people debate because there is no set standard. The more information you receive about a topic, the better off you'll be.

There are many forums out there, so look around and please make sure you read the rules of the forum before posting so you understand the format of the forum and its community. Also the best forums have a registration at the beginning and it's for the better so that you can avoid the eyesore of spam on the forum.

Webmaster World Forums

For all of your Web needs, you have Webmaster World Forums. They discuss marketing, SEO, and all topics on the WEB. The nice thing about these forums is that you can kill two birds with one stone. If you have a question about SEO and a question about Webhosting or about software issues, you can go to the same place. Their interface design is pretty user-friendly. Some of the topics of their old posts are brought up after awhile to inform new readers and their community is very active.

High Rankings Forums

High Rankings Forum covers everything about SEO. You can learn about tricks of the trade, research, news, and everything else about SEM. The interface design is not too shabby and their logo is nice to look at. The forum is easy to follow, although the site is not as active as one would like. There are posts from today, but also a lot from the earlier in the week.

Sphinn Forums

With a nice design and easy to navigate interface, Sphinn's, "Internet Marketing News & Discussion Forums" site is another great resource for all things on Search Engine Marketing- SEO, PPC, Social Media…. They are up-to-date with the most popular topics being discussed this very moment. The site looks pretty savvy with such subjects under Hot News, Hot or Not, and more.

Search Engine Watch Forums

If you want to know anything in regards to search engines, marketing, optimization, any other issue imaginable has been discussed on Search Engine Watch Forums. The site is up-to-date, has user-friendly navigation, and is very active with posts from only an hour or so earlier.

Final Words

There are plenty of forums out there, much more than discussed. These are a select few that are worth taking a look at it. The nice thing is that with these forums, most of the questions about SEO that you can think of have at some time been discussed, more than once. If you're willing to dig through some forums, you might be able to succeed in learning some important information that will help you out with your SEO skills. And if you don't like one forum, move on to the next.

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